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100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

We are very confident you will be pleased with our services. We are so confident that we extend a 100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee after your first 6 months with Lewis Realty Associates, Inc!

This guarantee will entitle you to 100% refund of the management commission collected and termination of your management agreement with us.

The satisfaction guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Timing & Terms

  • This offer is only available to property owners that signed a management agreement after 6/1/2022.

  • You may exercise the guarantee after 180 days (approx. 6 months) from “marketing date” but no later than 210 days (7 months) from “marketing date” in your first year.

  • “Marketing Date” is defined as the date the property goes live on Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. website with full photos and information.

  • If you own multiple properties you may exercise this option on no more than 2 properties.

Refund Amount Received

  • You will receive a refund of all LRA management commissions charged to your property before your request (last 180 to 210 days).

Exercising Guarantee

  • In the rare event you are dissatisfied, submit your request to exercise the Satisfaction Guarantee in writing via letter to the property manager or email to pm@topsailarea.com. Please also include the reason why you are canceling in your request.

  • You are only able to request and receive the guarantee and refunds between the initial 180 days and 210 days of your first year with LRA.

The Vacation Rental Management Agreement

  • Any other clauses or verbiage in the vacation rental management agreement remain intact.

Please call our team today for any questions about the Lewis Realty Associates, Inc 100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee

Lewis Realty Brand Logo

Licenses C4414 & 189952


320 N New River Drive

Surf City, NC 28445

320 N New River Dr, Surf City, NC 28445, USA
Lewis Realty Associates, Inc, an Accredited Professional Property Management Company by the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA). For more information on the VRMA APPMC Accreditation Program, visit vww.vrma.org/accreditation.

Accredited companies are held to a higher standard to provide best-in-class service in the communities in which they operate. Guests prefer to stay at properties that demonstrate superior service and standards of professionalism.

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